General Products and Foodstuff

Business Unit Overview

Urban development projects Urban development projects

Our unit globally develops businesses that provide consumer-oriented products and services in fields such as media, network, retail, foods, materials & supplies and real estate. In our media and network fields, we focus primarily on Cable TV, IT solutions, and integrated mobile business. In our retail and food products fields, we are developing a wide range of businesses, from retail businesses such as supermarkets to food production and sales. In our materials & supplies and real estate fields, our portfolio consists of top-class operating companies in ready-mixed concrete as well as lumber and building materials. In addition, our main business pursuits are office buildings, retail facilities, and housing development and sales.

Strategic Fields in Sub-Saharan Africa

Strategic Fields in Sub-Saharan Africa Plantation in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  • Fresh foods
  • Lumber and building materials
  • Woodchip

Business Overview in Sub-Saharan Africa

Citrus segment/cell sacks Citrus segment/cell sacks
  • Purchase of woodchip for paper making from South Africa (since 1970s)
  • Purchase of wood biomass from South Africa for renewable energy generation
  • Purchase and export of citrus segment/cell sacks (since 2000s)
  • Purchase of sesame seeds from Tanzania and Nigeria
  • Purchase of round logs from South Africa for lumber industries in Asia

Sumitomo Corporation’s global successes

GINZA SIX (Tokyo, Japan) GINZA SIX (Tokyo, Japan)

The largest retail facility in Ginza area is born

“GINZA SIX,” a large development project of the real estate business line, opened on April 20, 2017. It had been jointly developed under a redevelopment project for Ginza 6-chome by J. Front Retailing, Mori Building, LVMH Group, and Sumitomo Corporation. The largest retail facility in Ginza area with thirteen stories above ground, six stories below ground and a site area of about 9,080m2 boasts 241 tenants with luxury brands. GINZA SIX also houses seven vast office floors, a cultural facility which serves as a base for Japanese traditional performing arts, the largest Rooftop Garden in Ginza with 4,000m2 where the four seasons can be enjoyed, and the disaster prevention support facilities, etc. Sumitomo Corporation obtained a chance to take part in this project, thanks to its proven track record as a comprehensive developer and acclaim for its capacity to develop commercial facilities. We will further deepen our knowledge and experience with commercial facilities in an effort to continuously expand the scope of our business.

Mobile services (Myanmar) Mobile services (Myanmar)

Expanding high-quality telecommunications business in Myanmar & emerging countries

In July 2014, Sumitomo Corporation and KDDI Corporation reached an agreement with Myanmar Posts & Telecommunications (MPT) to jointly conduct communications business including a capital expenditure of 200 billion yen. At the end of June 2017, within less than 3 years since the agreement, MPT’s total number of mobile subscribers reached 24 million. Sumitomo Corporation opened an office in Myanmar in 1954 and has a proven track record of over 60 years of engagement in various projects in this thriving country. In addition, we have accumulated expertise in telecommunications business in many countries and regions including Mongolia and Guam. Through expanding the high quality telecommunications services, we will contribute to Myanmar’s economic development, the fostering of local human resources, the transfer of technologies and knowledge, and the creation of employment opportunities to achieve prosperity in Myanmar.