Kazuyuki Takahashi

Message from GM

~ Kazuyuki Takahashi ~

- Growing together with Africa -

A warm welcome to you to our website!

As General Manager for Africa and Managing Director of Sumitomo Corporation Africa, I am thrilled to introduce to you through this website our integrated corporate strength, our capacity and expertise in various business fields worldwide, our history and business philosophy, our global network, and our corporate social responsibility initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Underpinned by over 400 years of Sumitomo Group’s heritage as well as over 50 years of our experience in Africa, Sumitomo Corporation made a strategic decision to upgrade our operational hub in Sub-Saharan Africa from a long-standing branch to an independent corporation. Sumitomo Corporation Africa thus came into existence in April 2014 with our renewed resolve and commitment to growing further together with this magnificent continent.

I assumed my present responsibility in April 2015, just one year after Sumitomo Corporation Africa embarked on its endeavour to accelerate new business development, whilst still continuing to uphold Sumitomo’s 400 year-old business philosophy focused on honesty, sincerity, integrity and sound management. I take great personal pride in taking part in keeping our business philosophy alive and relevant during my 33 years of service at Sumitomo Corporation. I have specialized in mining related businesses throughout my career and was previously stationed in Indonesia and Australia where I gained precious opportunities to expand my horizons in truly multinational and multicultural settings.

This financial year marks the beginning of our new medium-term management plan, which is otherwise known as “Be The Best, Be The One 2017 (BBBO2017).” The theme of BBBO2017 is “to make group-wide efforts in overcoming issues and to outline a path toward the realization of What We Aim to Be.” BBBO2017 has a particular significance to us as we, Sumitomo Corporation, approach our centennial in 2019.

Sub-Saharan Africa has been designated as one of Sumitomo’s strategic regional focus in our pursuit of the realization of what we aim to be, and high hopes and expectations are being placed on our business development initiatives on this promising continent of Africa. We have already been engaging in multifaceted business activities in Sub-Saharan Africa by making the most of our integrated corporate strength and growing together with the continent at multiple levels. Having said that, we are also keenly aware that there are still so many areas in which we can contribute and add tremendous value for the benefit of all in Africa.

Our journey has only just begun.

We are committed to growing together with local partners and communities based on mutual trust and respect. These commitments will then enable us to contribute to job creation, capacity development through technology and skills transfer, and sustainable and responsible use of various resources. Furthermore, at Sumitomo Corporation Africa, we are committed to identifying local needs and providing value-added solutions. It is my earnest hope that Sumitomo Corporation Africa will soon begin to be recognized by the people of Africa as a value-adding solution provider.

I hope you share in my great enthusiasm for our vision of growing together with Africa in the goal of each and every one of us striving towards becoming The Best we can be.

Kazuyuki Takahashi
General Manager for Africa